Council in a new form
“Jonathan has developed a skill of council. By listening to people and at the same time sharing perspectives in his life that are valuable he offers a non-judgemental open sounding board with which one can more clearly hear oneself. Take a walk through the woods with Jonathan and you may find that at the end you have learned more about yourself and how to potentially look at the world.” – Philip Brush

Location, location, location
“Location, location, location… it’s all about locating yourself with this man. Jonathan continuously helps in aiding me through the experiences I see as my reality. He comes armed with a great set of hearing-aides and cattle prodder. Jon has helped me hear the noise in the gagged silence I call, feelings. Users beware, he’s all about feeling those feels.” – Rosie Yamashita

Seeing Beyond the Physical
“I was lucky enough to receive coaching from Jonathan regularly over many months. He has this remarkable ability to see beyond the physical circumstances that surround you.

Jonathan acted as a bridge for me so that I could more easily understand that it wasn’t my circumstances that were holding me where I was, but my practiced ignoring of all of the (mostly negative) feelings inside me. I had cut myself off from my feelings, and so had cut myself off from the ability to know and love myself.

This revelation completely changed how I live. Jonathan is still a guiding voice in my life.”
– Meghan Russell

Joyful, caring, sensitive coach!
“Jonathan is a sensitive, caring, and joyful coach. I walked away from each interaction with Jonathan with a new piece of learning, more insight about myself, and a renewed sense of my place in the world. Identifying and being your authentic self, changing the the things you can change, and letting go of the things you can’t change isn’t always easy work, but with Jonathan, it feels like a fun adventure.” – Liz Upchurch

A man for all seasons
“Jonathan has provided incredible insight into ways of thinking, ways of being and ways of leading. His approach is riddled with humor and personal stories that are raw and real. He provides examples that wonderfully illustrate what he is teaching. On a personal level Jonathan is one hundred percent present with you. He is the go to shoulder to cry on, the first choice for advice or for help. He possesses incredible composure, unwavering patience and relentless passion. I miss his presence in my life for he has challenged me and inspired me in the best ways. Most of all, Jonathan is all love and will ride the waves of your life with you if you ask him to.” – Matt Cook

I will continue talking to Jonathan until one of the two of us dies.
“Jonathan Crouch will reveal that you already know the answers to all of the questions you brought him and then you’ll both laugh about it.” – Greg Levit

Genuine beyond our conception of genuine
“Jonathan’s insight, presence, and unconditional love has invited me to look at myself and my stories through lenses I had never before considered. This man has had a profound impact on my life and I love him dearly.” – Great Ashworth

Authentic Blessings
“I have had the amazing opportunity to consult with Jonathan personally and professionally for the last two years. His knowledge, experience and loving intention has brought supportive development to my life experiences. Jonathan’s keen and compassionate presence and coaching has blessed me personally and blessed our entire team with tools to shift our lens in many situations. His bright and dedicated support has left more than a light footprint in my body, mind, spirit and soul.” – Barb Linares

I love you!
“In my experience, Jonathan looks to context rather than content – allowing for a much in-depth understanding of what is seemingly the issue, understanding it, sitting with it and moving forward. Incredible person.” – James Ibrahim