“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” The peeling away of ignorance—of resistance—is the process of discovery, the art of learning.”  Galileo


We distinguish ourselves by focusing on being at Cause rather the at the Effect of life. This attention to Cause allows you to discover both “the why” and “the how” you can and will succeed. 

The focus will be on examining the inner source you have chosen to both learn from. Our conversation with you will reveal the inner obstacles that block your ability to be at Cause with what is happening.

Once free from being at the Effect of your life, you’ll experience the creative genius which manifests without opposition from inner conflicts. To be free of inner conflict and expectations is to live in great freedom.

This practice leads to an experience that will shift how you relate to your business, family, friends and the world itself. Success is seen as a by-product of “the way  you are,” not by solely on what you do.


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