Conscious Learning

Join me for a practice of full spectrum integration.

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The way we respond to life can reveal to us what we have hidden from ourselves.

In a world of increasing demand and diminished meaning, we are working for rewards, attempting to purchase happiness, and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritize. As a result, we are increasingly exhausted, overwhelmed, and disengaged.


We’ll start with a conversation about you. This conversation will show us what’s running from your Soul in your awareness.  You speak, I’ll listen, we’ll dialog and your life consciousness will open to allow integration to occur. Learn more here . . .

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We help organizations radically shift the context in which they operate. We show leaders how to act as Chief Value Officers, helping them focus on inspiring those they lead to discover their own potential. Learn more . . .


We introduce audiences to a path of effortless success. We show the importance of intention in motivating ones actions; revealing how peaceful persistence overcomes self imposed obstacles. Learn more  . . .

He is an open hearted person with a deep commitment to authenticity at work, and this will forever be the standard that I seek in people I work with.

Richard Merron, Food Industry Business Development

Jonathan is an amazing coach, he specializes in creating the right context for getting to the bottom of issues in the work place and creating a environment where they can be addressed and dealt with. For those looking to strengthen their team, increase productivity, and develop a positive culture in the work place this is your guy!

John Sabastian Enges, President & CEO at Fenix Consulting Group

Within 5 minutes of dialogue with Jonathan one quickly realizes the issue at hand is not the real issue at all but a perceived issue of a greater need. Jonathan is an expert in navigating the complexity of thought to expose the clear path to a greater understanding of oneself. What is left is for one to choose. Absolutely worth the ride!

Paulette Caproni, Executive Assistant

Jonathan will reveal that you already know the answers to all of the questions you brought him and then you’ll both laugh about it.

Greg Levitt, Teacher

I have had the amazing opportunity to consult with Jonathan personally and professionally for the last two years. His knowledge, experience and loving intention has brought supportive development to my life experiences. Jonathan’s keen and compassionate presence and coaching has blessed me personally and blessed our entire team with tools to shift our lens in many situations. His bright and dedicated support has left more than a light footprint in my body, mind, spirit and soul.

Barb Linares, Executive Chef